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We apply a robust five-step process to help you recruit your ideal candidate.

Understand You


We take an owner’s approach to learning about your organisation and the position that you seek to fill.

Then we turn this knowledge into a clear criteria which we will use to find and asses candidates.

Search Candidates


 We can find high-quality candidate in a number of ways:

  • Filter our existing talent pool, where we have accumulated a large number of vetted candidates.
  • Ask our professional networks for referrals, which permeates through the Chinese business communities in Melbourne and Sydney.
  • Search the wider industry and headhunt passive prospects. 

Assess Candidates


 We take great care in ensuring that candidates are authentic and well suited to both your position and organisation.

  • In-depth interviews, including assessments on skills, ethics and thought processes.
  • Comprehensive background check, including police, credit and academic.
  • Full reference checks, including previous employers, clients and industry peers.

Present Candidates


Finally, after we have systematically searched and assessed candidates, we will present you with a shortlist.

Accompanying this list, we will include complete reports on each candidate, detailing their profile and our recommendations.

You can then interview and make the final hiring decision.

Follow Up & Support


 Within the guaranteed period, our consultant will be in touch once per month.  To ensure you and the candidate are collaborating well . If there is any issue, we can address the problem and provide solution in due course. 

Under the agreement, if the candidate terminate the employment, we will find you another talented candidate.

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